I am excited to inform you of my work as the Founder & CEO at InnovatorsBox.


InnovatorsBox is an education firm fostering creativity for leaders and organizations in all sectors. I launched the business in Washington, DC on January 1, 2016, to build a community where all professionals regardless of their profession can learn to build a creative mindset and creative confidence to live a more enriching life.

Within 13 months I hosted 47 events in 7 cities for over 660 individuals. (I still had my full-time job in nuclear security until the end of June so I worked three jobs for 8 months from November to July.) I made SPARK a creative question card game to spur creativity as well as offer wide range of workshops, talks, seminars, and community projects on creativity for individuals and organizations. I also got recognition from the 2016 American Small Business Championship, Ashoka Emerging Young Entrepreneurship Program, Female Founders Conference, and the White House during the Nation of Makers movement. To build a creative community, I also built strategic partnerships with 13+ organizations that provide support in venues, caterings, services, and supplies for our workshops and services. I am excited to see how our programs empower more individuals and organizations to shift the way they think about creativity. I look forward to sharing this joy with many more individuals around the world.

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