Frequently Asked Questions

I love questions, and I love that you came here to ask more questions. This is where I will answer some questions I get asked frequently. I will update at times to add more interesting questions I get asked. If you have another question about Monica and Creativity that I didn’t answer here, please reach out to me here.

About Monica and Creativity

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity is a way of living. Read more here about what I live by and what I hope you will live by too!

Any advice to be more creative?

Trust yourself. You already have a wealth of creativity. You may just not have used it in a while. Start getting curious about what you’re already curious about. Do you like movies? Why do you like certain movies? Do you love cooking? What type of cooking makes you energized and curious? Do you like Excel? Why do you find organizing Excel documents more enjoyable than those in Word? When you start seeing every opportunity to wonder and be curious, it soon becomes clear: there are so many other things we can get curious and courageous about!

Where do you get inspiration?

Everywhere, every day! Every moment is an opportunity to wonder and reimagine, and the more I let my mind wander and explore, the more I walk into new ideas. The key is to get into the practice of harnessing that voice and letting it have the power to explore. This means I don’t know when I may find my next best idea, so I always try to find ways to document them by either having a lot of Post-it Notes or taking notes digitally on my phone, computer, or iPad. Sometimes, if I get a new idea in the middle of the night, I’ll scribble it in my notebook or record an audio note before I forget it.

Where can I get more creativity resources to learn more about how to be creative?

There are a ton out there, depending on how you like to learn best—which is an important question in itself in your journey to creativity. You want to learn in the way you are best inspired! And because I also live to learn in different ways, I love creating content and resources in many ways.

If you like to read check out my:


If you like to listen via audio check out my:


If you like to watch videos check out my:


If you like interactive resources, downloads check out my:

  • Free resource page where I have a lot of free downloads, worksheets, and more
  • Innovators Hub, where membership will allow you to use various resources with lifetime access—a pretty sweet deal if you like to get my exclusive resources 
  • Games at InnovatorsBox – both available to purchase here and play digitally here

Inviting Monica to Speak or Get Signed Books

How can I invite Monica to my organization, classroom, library, and event? Where do I go?

I’d love to speak with your community about creativity too. Please fill out this form. If you’re interested in classroom visits for my children’s book, please visit this page to learn more and fill out this form.

How can I get signed/personalized copies of your books?

I’d love to share one with you too! There are a few ways to try. You can order here and indicate the recipient’s first name and shipping address. Please note that it may take a few weeks to reach you, but we can’t wait for you to receive your copy. Thanks for buying my book!

How can I work with Monica with her services at InnovatorsBox?

We’d love to help you with your culture, leadership, and team development. My team and I would be eager to support you. Please email us at [email protected]. You can read more about our work at InnovatorsBox.com.

How can I request book and product donations to my charity, blog, or mission?

I donate my books and resources regularly for education, creativity, and community development throughout the year. Unfortunately, I’m not able to donate to everyone. I have to purchase each book and resource I donate, just like everyone else. So, please support the arts and resources by purchasing works by writers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and more!

Using Quotes and Illustrations from Monica’s creativity Work

Can I use a quote of Monica’s in my upcoming book?

We are happy for you to quote Monica’s work in your forthcoming book as long as it is appropriately attributed and not used to imply that Monica is endorsing the work. Please use Monica’s full name, including her middle initial: “Monica H. Kang.” If you are looking to do something more than that, it is likely not something we could provide permission for. This includes any illustration, concepts, charts, and quotes that are included in Monica’s work, site.

Is it okay to download the quotes on the website and turn them into posters to be used in my school/office/library?

We already have you covered! Find our original posters, postcards, worksheets, and downloadable resources on monicahkang.com and innovatorsbox.com. They may not be sold or used for any commercial gain, but you are certainly welcome to share them with your friends and co-workers! And yes, at schools and libraries too.

How do I properly attribute Monica when quoting her work?

Credit should include full name and book title e.g. Monica H. Kang, Rethink Creativity: How to Innovate, Inspire and Thrive at Work.

All of these would be correct/appropriate:

  • Monica H. Kang, [insert book title]
  • Monica H. Kang, Founder & CEO of InnovatorsBox and Author of [insert book title]


If not quoting directly from a book (e.g., from an interview or a blog post)

  • Monica H. Kang, founder, author, speaker, and podcast host
  • Monica H. Kang, Founder & CEO of InnovatorsBox

Using Monica’s Work in My Own Programs

Can I use Monica’s books as required reading in the course I’m teaching?

Yes! Whether it’s her nonfiction title or children’s book, we welcome Monica’s work being shared and discussed in an academic environment as a supplement to an established course and class. All work must be appropriately attributed, and there should be no implication that Monica is endorsing the course.

I would like to teach a course on Monica’s work.

In order to teach any of Monica’s work, you must become a Certified InnovatorsBox Facilitator or Coach. To find out more about our facilitator and coach program, please reach out to us at [email protected]. When new programs are available, we will inform you. In the meantime, you are also welcome to bring in our team at InnovatorsBox; we’ll be happy to support you in your course.

Using Videos of Monica’s Work

Can I use the videos found on monicahkang.com or Monica’s YouTube channel on creativity for my company’s training or presentation?

Yes, Thanks for spreading creativity together! You are welcome to use the videos and other resources found on monicahkang.com or innovatorsbox.com to share with your organization as is. Please always give proper attribution, and if you are going to include a link, we prefer you to use Monica and InnovatorsBox’s website as the source. Monica’s site is monicahkang.com. InnovatorsBox’s site is innovatorsbox.com.

Using Monica’s Quotes and Illustrations On My Own Products

Can I use a quote of Monica’s or illustrations on this website on my business card/website/blog/t-shirt/coffee mug/ art print/ or promotional gear?

We love sharing creativity with all and appreciate your thoughts! However, to avoid consumer confusion, we don’t provide permission to use Monica’s quotes, name, or image in conjunction with commercial businesses. Examples include business cards, websites, artwork, and other promotional materials for commercial gain.

In order to avoid consumer confusion or implied endorsement, we do not permit anyone outside of Rethink Creativity™ to use Monica Kang’s name, image, likeness, or copyrighted material in conjunction with any commercial endeavors.

Do you have another question that I didn’t answer here?

Please reach out to me here. Thank you!