Thoughts on Competition

#Reflection I want to have a conversation about competition.

I get it. We live in a world where competition is seen as the norm. Not everyone gets the opportunity, the job, the competition, and the grade A. Time is limited. Resources are limited. Even you make decisions each day to choose what is the best option. The right beer at the right bar with the right business partner. I understand that.

But truly, at the end of the day, the only person you should ever really compare is YOU. To be specific, it’s your past, your today, and your future.

If you are making progress, ask yourself have you made progress compared to your YESTERDAY or LAST YEAR? What are you doing to be a better version of yourself each day? To make a better difference in this world each day? To make a difference in another person’s life? When was the last time you had that honest conversation with yourself and by only comparing yourself?

No, I am not asking you to tell me how you did something better than your friend. Nor your competitor. And yes, I understand that it is hard to not judge, feel hurt, or compared when the society does this every day. But each time you can still choose to DEFER JUDGEMENT.

Try it. Today. Each day.

Give yourself 30 days. I promise it is life-saving.

And if you are already doing it, high five to you. We need more people who are thinking like you.

And no this is not because something happened today, I have been wanting to jot some thoughts on this for a while and haven’t got a chance to until now.

Thanks for hearing out my thoughts as always. Hugs to you all.


Patience and Persistence

Never forget. This is a marathon. I’m going to keep showing up. Do my 100% and let the work result show. Some of you may not fully understand the value right now. Some of you will put me down in every way you could think of. But that’s ok. It won’t discourage me. You may hurt me but you will never stop me. It’s just another reminder of how much greater the impact could be when more people embrace it and live a life full of potential. I will be patient but also be #persistent. Everything looks like it is impossible until someone shows how it is possible. And that future looks super duper exciting.

And when God said yes, you know it is right.

International Women’s Day

Happy #InternationalWomenDay! #Reflection

In honor of today, I attended 3 events to learn, observe and reflect and was reminded of how complex gender equality problem is. It’s not just about better jobs or equal pay. It’s a lot more layered and so much of unconscious bias speaking.

Baffling facts.

1. We had never had enough data that shows why women in power with equal pay are critical to economically, socially, and organizationally growth. YET, women are still often paid less, discriminated, sexually harassed, and interrupted. (Some are even still brought on as a token. Please stop doing that.)

2. Gallup report found that worldwide both male and female prefer female to have paid work. Yet, they also expect females to play the main caregiver role after working all day.

3. Not having affordable care as a parent is a huge burden. Not having paid leave as a mother is tough. Not having equal pay makes it hard for them to pay for certain things. Yet, those are policies and after impact that had not been considered.

4. If you looked at the Children’s book section, most are about male heroes. Most female characters are those who are saved by the princes. Very small number of them are about female heroes. As a result, most girls do not have a role model to look up to when growing up. Can we have better children’s book, please??

5. Our teachers are really underappreciated. We need to be teaching about the importance of equality starting an early age and when we treat teachers at such low salary, low appreciation, we are creating a vicious cycle of limits.

6. We need more male allies in every corner. Seriously. If you see your female colleagues being under appreciated, devalued or discriminated in any way, PLEASE SPEAK UP, STEP UP or DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Please do not accept the status quo or treat that this is females problem. This impacts all of us.

7. Awareness raising is good but let’s take more action. For some, it may be stepping up for your friend. For others it may be pushing for a better policy in your organization. Whatever that is, do what you need to do.

We can make this world a better place together. Happy International Women’s Day.

Entrepreneurship Reflection

Backstage Truth as an entrepreneur.

1. Some days you get more denials, rejections, and criticisms of all sorts than you feel like you can swallow it without crying but you know you got to swallow it. And keep building.

2. The lows happen a lot more than people think. And when people blame me for sharing some positivity I have to remember that they mean good intention and that they may not be familiar with the deeper struggles and work I may put in.

3. Everything is a lot more complex.

4. I do not take anything for granted. But I admit having less and less free time makes it hard for me to express those gratitude to everyone I want to.

5. At times, I struggle with time and generosity. I am here because so many graciously gave me an opportunity to meet and have coffee with me. I am doing this too and been generous with my time. But sometimes not all time was spent best and I am learning how to balance the line of being generous and saying no or later when it’s a better time.

6. No one really knows what it’s like what you are going through other than you. And that’s ok.

7. I remind myself at the end of the day, there is nothing more powerful than truth. So I ask myself, how can I provide something more true, and intentional?

The difference is some people get it faster than others.

8. I have a lot more mistakes and risks to take which means I have a lot more opportunity to grow.

9. Life is limitless. And there is unlimited potential to grow when you don’t stop growing.

10. The best is yet to come.

– Truly. This is to all the amazing entrepreneurs who is working hard to make their vision come true each day. You are champions. #reflection


#Reflection Changing human behavior is hard. Changing the way how society thinks about something is tough. Knowing that some people may disagree and criticize is hard to swallow when you have to be open-minded and taking feedbacks. But knowing what potential outcome this could all lead to makes it all worthwhile.

I’m not here for the short run. I’m here for the long run.

The best results are yet to come but I will not get there until I try harder each day. This is why I do not mind working and building nonstop. This is also why I am deeply grateful for those who just “get me” and “get this” vision and are here supporting me, trusting me, pushing me, and challenging me to dare to dream bigger. You are the true champions. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am about to go through some major things in March and will be seeking your support more than ever. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you, God for giving me clarity each day why I am here today.

#Entrepreneurship #Community #Trust

Reflection on Entrepreneurship

#Reflection Why being an entrepreneur is awesome, and especially as a bootstrapping one.

1. You learn SO MUCH about EVERYTHING.

There is so much more complexity and nuance to every single moment. It gets tough, of course. Everything takes a lot longer and everything means a lot more than it looks like. You start valuing all the details you never understood. You make so much mistake and you learn from it and realize you have to try to learn what works or not sometimes. It helps you be wiser and a more generous being. It’s so much more fun.

2. You get to BUID AMAZING FRIENDSHIPS with so many AMAZING people and even with those you never knew you had mutual interest.

Being an entrepreneur is lonely but it also truly opens up a whole lot of new doors to build your network and new friendships. I’m grateful for all the new friends I befriended in the past year as well as many friends I got to know a lot more in a way we never knew. They are the ones who challenge me, embrace me, question me and push me to dare to dream bigger. I would not tack back a single conversation I had during this period as every single moment taught me something valuable.

3. You see a whole NEW YOU that you almost forgot was THERE.

My favorite part is seeing how much more I can grow as a being. Truly unlimited when you think about it. We all have unlimited potential to grow!

Building something from scratch with limited resources helped me gain a whole new level of confidence and mindfulness I never thought I had. I saw myself as a confidence being before but now I feel more full instead of worrying if I am going to say something someone may get upset. Its great to fully accept that it’s ok to disagree and honor truly how everyone is different and amazing in different ways. It feels amazing to shine your strengths with unlimited barriers. And I love now that I can fully focus more on comparing my own self with my past, present and future instead of others who’s photo I saw on Facebook.

4. You learn to LOVE the mistakes in a new way.

Because when you know something isn’t right, you have found another data and insight what to not do next time. You are getting clarity in your map of wonder where you are working in a fog. So yes, every single moment counts.

I still miss more sleep, food, reading, and resting but I would not change a single thing. Each day I am reminded of how powerful the entrepreneurial thinking is.

Can’t wait for this weekend’s Creative Jump. Bringing together 30+ members.

Thanks all for your amazing support. You all mean a lot to me.

Friendship Definition

Good friends keep you company. Great friends can push you to go beyond your comfort zone and dive deeper. Grateful that I am reminded again how lucky I am to surround myself with so many amazingly thoughtful and inspirational friends. You bring me hope. Thank you for being you. #Gratitude

The Why

There is often always a reason why we do something.

I’m glad I know why I know so clearly why I started InnovatorsBox.

Happy to share a glimpse of my world and why I will not stop.

Here is my video with Ashoka Changemaker’s Emerging Leaders Bootcamp with American Express.


Entreprenurship Reflection

#Reflection To make one event happen, there are tons of things that happen backstage. Believe it or not, I had 32 meetings, hosted 1 workshop and talked with more than 50 people in 4 days in which many of them were new friends. As I wrap up my SF trip, I wanted to write down these Lessons Learned so that I never forget to stay diligent, humble, and persistent as I continue this journey.

(1) Speak ‘truth’ and always do your best. ///

Whatever it is when you do your best others can tell. I know we have the saying that ‘fake it till you make it’ but I do not think one should fake it because fake is still fake. You should work harder to make it real so that you let truth speak for it. Don’t fake it. Work harder so that you stand for truth and let the truth speak for itself.

(2) Stay focused. Don’t let the noise distract you. ///

Have a clear understanding of what is a nice to have and need to have. Then you can make decisions and prioritize your tasks around that. Don’t let the volume of information or email distract from what you need to really do and want to do.

(3) Be patient. ///

Some of my most important meetings were only finalized the day of. If I was not persistent and patient about that arrangement and relationship building that would not have happened. We are so used to instant ‘liking’ and email ‘replying’ that we forget to practice waiting and being patient. This trip was another reminder that patient and being intentional made a huge difference.

(4) Ask questions. Be curious. And Be helpful and mindful. //

Yes, even if you say you want to meet because of A or B. Never forget from their point of view. They have gone out of the way to give you the attention and the time in their busy calendar. What can you do for them? How can you be more considerate? What can you do to make the occasion more powerful and impactful for both parties? Ask, reflect and act.

(5) Never say never //

Because at the end of the day, it is never going to happen the way you expected. It’s always going to be a lot better. But it’s just hard to predict because you have never seen what the best case scenario can ever be.


(a) How much of our assumptions influence our decision making and thought process?

(b) How is East and West Coast different in their way of thinking of creative thinking? And how does that influence the overall culture?

(c) Why do certain individuals get it more than others?

(d) Why do we want to constantly analyze things unconsciously as humans?

(e) How do you explain the value to someone who needs the most but is the most dismissive?

(f) How can I improve my messaging?

(g) How can I create a unique scaling model that disrupts the notion of service industry scaling in technology?

(h) How can I highlight the power of change of human behavior?