Monica is on a mission to unlock creativity for all.

She writes about the importance of creativity, diversity, and emotions for all ages and wonders how we could all thrive as who we are fully each day.

Leadership keynote speaker | Monica H. Kang

How to Innovate, Inspire, and Thrive at Work


Rethink Creativity: How to Innovate, Inspire, and Thrive at Work reminds us that everyone is creative and it’s up to each of us to harness that creative mindset in the workplace. Innovation is not born from fancy slogans, being artists, or taking risks all the time. It starts with people—with a company that fully believes in and fosters an inclusive, safe environment; allows diverse voices to exist; and is able to unlock the company’s creative potential. So where do you start to rethink creativity? Two places: Invest in your team members as leaders, and invest in yourself as an innovator. Monica H. Kang, the creativity workplace expert and Founder & CEO of InnovatorsBox®, shares that the commonalities are your mindset and intention. How determined are you to live your best creative life? How much do you really want to unlock your team’s best talent potential? The possibilities are limitless if you choose to invest in it.

In this second edition, Monica has included more stories, strategies, thought-provoking questions, and original illustrations to inspire you to innovate, inspire, and thrive at work with creativity.

Publisher: Publish Your Purpose Press
Author: Monica H. Kang
Illustrator: Daryna
Second edition:
September 2021;
First edition: September 2018

Have You

Seen My Friends?

The Adventures of Creativity

Have You Seen My Friends? presents the importance of treasuring our creativity, courage, and curiosity every day! As we grow older, we somehow forget to value how important it is to ask questions, try new things, and think differently. This playful book reminds you to treasure these “friends,” who are always near.

Age Range: 4–8 years
Grade level: Preschool–3
Publisher: HALO Publisher
Author: Monica H. Kang
Illustrator: Khadeeja Qureshi
Published: 2021
978-1-63765-127-8 (hardcover)
978-1-63765-128-5 (Paperback)