Creativity for all.

Leadership keynote speaker | Monica H. Kang

InnovatorsBox® uses creativity to drive culture transformation and team development in a way that is fun and relatable. Our research-based and interactive programs empower corporations, professionals, educators, students, and entrepreneurs to unlock their creative mindset, adapt to change, and thrive in today’s complex workplaces.

Corporations seek our expertise to combat the most pressing issues facing today’s global workforce: remote workspaces, uncertainty, burnout, stagnation, and distrust.

Entrepreneurs turn to us to hone their creative leadership skills in order to motivate their teams and to build limitless, resilient, and forward-thinking mindsets.

Educational Institutions work with us to infuse creativity into traditional teaching methodologies and to prepare students for the complex workplaces of the future.

Young professionals benefit from our relatability and guidance as they launch their professional careers and learn to cultivate an effective global network.

Research has shown your people, culture, and environment—not a robust benefits package—will build creative and innovative workplaces.

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Build a culture where everyone feels included and empowered to create and be courageous.


Be a leader that courageously navigates challenges with empathy and grace.


Strengthen your team’s collaboration and communication skills and mindset.


Hone, or reconnect, with your innate creativity—regardless of your title, age or industry.


Join our global innovators community to grow together with bold curiosity & creativity.