Who is Monica H. Kang:

Monica H. Kang is a passionate community bridge builder, creative culture educator, and curious researcher. She enjoys finding impactful ways to integrate different worlds, such as entrepreneurship and public policy, to build a more multifaceted community. She founded InnovatorsBox to help professionals tap into their creative potential. Through workshops, coaching, and supportive community, she empowers professionals with confidence and insights in creativity to enhance professional and personal growth. She also continues to pursue her passion in politics and nuclear nonproliferation. Monica gained a deeper appreciation for nuanced differences and the importance of community building through living in 5 different countries and her prior experience in government, nonprofit and international organizations for 6+ years. She holds an M.A. from SAIS Johns Hopkins University in Strategic Studies and International Economics and a B.A. at Boston University. She is also an active leader in StartingBloc, Hive, Startup Weekend, and Coach Diversity Institute.

I want Monica at my events + workshops:

Great. We’d love to learn more about it. Please identify how you would like her to be involved in your upcoming events. Ms. Kang can be there as a speaker, facilitator, moderator, or a coach. Sky is the limit. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits to universities. Reach out to info@innovatorsbox.com.

Where can I learn more about Monica:

To learn more about her professional background, you can find her on LinkedIn. Blog readers would also enjoy her writing in creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, and career advice on her LinkedIn Blog posts.

You can also follow her via Twitter as one of the Top 9 Tech Folks of Color to follow in 2016.

Why does Monica paint:

Monica loves colors. She treasures the moments when she discovers color in her daily routine by writing or taking pictures. Painting is one way she expresses her jubilance to life. She paints because it brings her joy. This is a space where she shares some of her happiness. She hopes to inspire others to find their own creative medium.

In addition to painting, she loves traveling, reading, and writing: travelers may find some photos and travel tips in her travel blog handy, and readers looking for inspiration and fun quotes may enjoy some quote searching in the quote collection.




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