Thoughts on Competition

#Reflection I want to have a conversation about competition.

I get it. We live in a world where competition is seen as the norm. Not everyone gets the opportunity, the job, the competition, and the grade A. Time is limited. Resources are limited. Even you make decisions each day to choose what is the best option. The right beer at the right bar with the right business partner. I understand that.

But truly, at the end of the day, the only person you should ever really compare is YOU. To be specific, it’s your past, your today, and your future.

If you are making progress, ask yourself have you made progress compared to your YESTERDAY or LAST YEAR? What are you doing to be a better version of yourself each day? To make a better difference in this world each day? To make a difference in another person’s life? When was the last time you had that honest conversation with yourself and by only comparing yourself?

No, I am not asking you to tell me how you did something better than your friend. Nor your competitor. And yes, I understand that it is hard to not judge, feel hurt, or compared when the society does this every day. But each time you can still choose to DEFER JUDGEMENT.

Try it. Today. Each day.

Give yourself 30 days. I promise it is life-saving.

And if you are already doing it, high five to you. We need more people who are thinking like you.

And no this is not because something happened today, I have been wanting to jot some thoughts on this for a while and haven’t got a chance to until now.

Thanks for hearing out my thoughts as always. Hugs to you all.