International Women’s Day

Happy #InternationalWomenDay! #Reflection

In honor of today, I attended 3 events to learn, observe and reflect and was reminded of how complex gender equality problem is. It’s not just about better jobs or equal pay. It’s a lot more layered and so much of unconscious bias speaking.

Baffling facts.

1. We had never had enough data that shows why women in power with equal pay are critical to economically, socially, and organizationally growth. YET, women are still often paid less, discriminated, sexually harassed, and interrupted. (Some are even still brought on as a token. Please stop doing that.)

2. Gallup report found that worldwide both male and female prefer female to have paid work. Yet, they also expect females to play the main caregiver role after working all day.

3. Not having affordable care as a parent is a huge burden. Not having paid leave as a mother is tough. Not having equal pay makes it hard for them to pay for certain things. Yet, those are policies and after impact that had not been considered.

4. If you looked at the Children’s book section, most are about male heroes. Most female characters are those who are saved by the princes. Very small number of them are about female heroes. As a result, most girls do not have a role model to look up to when growing up. Can we have better children’s book, please??

5. Our teachers are really underappreciated. We need to be teaching about the importance of equality starting an early age and when we treat teachers at such low salary, low appreciation, we are creating a vicious cycle of limits.

6. We need more male allies in every corner. Seriously. If you see your female colleagues being under appreciated, devalued or discriminated in any way, PLEASE SPEAK UP, STEP UP or DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Please do not accept the status quo or treat that this is females problem. This impacts all of us.

7. Awareness raising is good but let’s take more action. For some, it may be stepping up for your friend. For others it may be pushing for a better policy in your organization. Whatever that is, do what you need to do.

We can make this world a better place together. Happy International Women’s Day.