Entrepreneurship Reflection

Backstage Truth as an entrepreneur.

1. Some days you get more denials, rejections, and criticisms of all sorts than you feel like you can swallow it without crying but you know you got to swallow it. And keep building.

2. The lows happen a lot more than people think. And when people blame me for sharing some positivity I have to remember that they mean good intention and that they may not be familiar with the deeper struggles and work I may put in.

3. Everything is a lot more complex.

4. I do not take anything for granted. But I admit having less and less free time makes it hard for me to express those gratitude to everyone I want to.

5. At times, I struggle with time and generosity. I am here because so many graciously gave me an opportunity to meet and have coffee with me. I am doing this too and been generous with my time. But sometimes not all time was spent best and I am learning how to balance the line of being generous and saying no or later when it’s a better time.

6. No one really knows what it’s like what you are going through other than you. And that’s ok.

7. I remind myself at the end of the day, there is nothing more powerful than truth. So I ask myself, how can I provide something more true, and intentional?

The difference is some people get it faster than others.

8. I have a lot more mistakes and risks to take which means I have a lot more opportunity to grow.

9. Life is limitless. And there is unlimited potential to grow when you don’t stop growing.

10. The best is yet to come.

– Truly. This is to all the amazing entrepreneurs who is working hard to make their vision come true each day. You are champions. #reflection