Reflection on Entrepreneurship

#Reflection Why being an entrepreneur is awesome, and especially as a bootstrapping one.

1. You learn SO MUCH about EVERYTHING.

There is so much more complexity and nuance to every single moment. It gets tough, of course. Everything takes a lot longer and everything means a lot more than it looks like. You start valuing all the details you never understood. You make so much mistake and you learn from it and realize you have to try to learn what works or not sometimes. It helps you be wiser and a more generous being. It’s so much more fun.

2. You get to BUID AMAZING FRIENDSHIPS with so many AMAZING people and even with those you never knew you had mutual interest.

Being an entrepreneur is lonely but it also truly opens up a whole lot of new doors to build your network and new friendships. I’m grateful for all the new friends I befriended in the past year as well as many friends I got to know a lot more in a way we never knew. They are the ones who challenge me, embrace me, question me and push me to dare to dream bigger. I would not tack back a single conversation I had during this period as every single moment taught me something valuable.

3. You see a whole NEW YOU that you almost forgot was THERE.

My favorite part is seeing how much more I can grow as a being. Truly unlimited when you think about it. We all have unlimited potential to grow!

Building something from scratch with limited resources helped me gain a whole new level of confidence and mindfulness I never thought I had. I saw myself as a confidence being before but now I feel more full instead of worrying if I am going to say something someone may get upset. Its great to fully accept that it’s ok to disagree and honor truly how everyone is different and amazing in different ways. It feels amazing to shine your strengths with unlimited barriers. And I love now that I can fully focus more on comparing my own self with my past, present and future instead of others who’s photo I saw on Facebook.

4. You learn to LOVE the mistakes in a new way.

Because when you know something isn’t right, you have found another data and insight what to not do next time. You are getting clarity in your map of wonder where you are working in a fog. So yes, every single moment counts.

I still miss more sleep, food, reading, and resting but I would not change a single thing. Each day I am reminded of how powerful the entrepreneurial thinking is.

Can’t wait for this weekend’s Creative Jump. Bringing together 30+ members.

Thanks all for your amazing support. You all mean a lot to me.