Why I am going out of my way to bring creativity to ever sector #ProFinderContest

Note – This is my story submission to the ProFinder Small Business Contest by LinkedIn. See here for more details.


I’m on a mission of redefining creativity by making creativity tangible, practical and accessible at InnovatorsBox. Despite studies reporting how critical creativity is in our personal growth, today 87% of professionals worldwide feel stuck and lack  a creative outlet according to Gallup. I understand this struggle because I, too, felt professionally stuck.

While I loved my work in nuclear nonproliferation, I experienced depression  because I had no outlet for my own desire to be creative. There was no workshop, community or toolkit that I  could learn about creativity without associating it to art.

This is the reason I created InnovatorsBox, a creative education firm that empowers all professionals to recognize how creativity is for all and how they can hone it as a life skill. To empower them, we provide workshops, strategies, and toolkits that are experience and community focused. Unlike others that focus on ideation methodologies, we focus on how one can build a creative mindset by strengthening participants’ self-awareness, creative insights, self-resilience, and creative confidence so that they can find their own creative processes. We also uniquely provide programs for both private clients and the public because we want to make the programs accessible for all individuals.

Within 10 months, I taught 10 different programs at 37 events in 6 cities for 440+ individuals and sold 85 copies of our creativity game, SPARK. Over 81% of participants expressed that the programs helped to transform their lives. It gave them the confidence and understanding of how to practice creativity no matter where they are and what job they have. They share how this became a turning point in rethinking about their passion and their life. This is how I know we are on the right path. I am dedicating my life to this mission because I want to help others stop feeling stuck and get creative.

Winning the LinkedIn’s ProFinder Small Business Contest is critical for our company’s growth as we connect with new members, clients and speakers via LinkedIn quite frequently. Since our programs are aimed to support professionals and companies in various sectors, LinkedIn has been a key tool for us to connect, inform, and relate to a greater audience who is craving creative education and leadership training. Access to LinkedIn ProFinder would permit us to connect with these individuals and companies faster and more strategically. Our goal is to help debunk the world’s perception on innovation by helping the 87% of unhappy professionals learn to integrate creativity into their daily routine more and help them get unstuck. Being able to access the LinkedIn tools would permit us to help those in need faster and more easily.

This award will help us also validate that nothing is impossible. With this award, I want to encourage more women and minority entrepreneurship and encourage them that their dreams are possible with hard work and consistent efforts.