Hustle with intention

Hustle with intention. Life may not give you what you wanted. It may also not come at the time you initially wanted it. But keep moving forward. Keep digging deep into your mission. And keep asking how might I do this better.

Then one day you may find yourself standing at the right place talking to the right person at the right time. To tell you that you’ll get something greater than what you thought was possible.

I think I had one of those moments in this Chicago trip. I will only know the true impact of these moments in hindsight but it will be a moment I will remember and reflect upon. For now, I stand here feeling grateful and humbled.

Most importantly, I’m excited to head back to DC to continue building and working hard. People keep asking me why I work so hard. I smile back and say why would I not when I finally found my life calling. Knowing that every hour I spend today can make a difference in someone’s future makes it enough for me to do this. Because I know that when you pour your heart and dedication into something the results will be empowering.

Here is to life with passion and intention.