About opinions

Everyone has an opinion. Their views are shaped based on their past experience and curiosity for the future. Some are more thought out than others. But some false statements do help bring out truths and trigger others who were shy to speak up in a new way. Not everyone is correct. Nor incorrect. Some change. And some remain the same for better or for worse. Time often tells.

But what’s consist is that wisdom is curated from those who listens attentively, seeks diverse experiences to build perspective, and asks more questions. They defer judgment and wants to learn from their past experience.

The Internet and social media quadruples our access to information and opinions. I remind myself this note about opinions before I jump to react.

And I ask myself: What can I learn from these perspectives and experiences? How might I use these insights to make better decisions in helping others? How might I encourage more to build that empathetic, curious and understanding mindset?