Update: 7 Life lessons from traveling as an entrepreneur

#‎update‬ Wow. What a month! After 8 flights to 4 cities for 4 conferences meeting (and reuniting) with over 300 colleagues, I am on my way home.

I am tired but inspired.

I carry back with me great new insights, wisdom, concerns, and opportunities. And most importantly lasting new friendships and mentors that I want to stay in touch with.

Here are some ‪#‎lessons‬ I want to highlight:

1. The “unknown” and “unknown’s unknown” are greater than I thought. This scares me. A lot. But the beauty is that you can’t fear the unknown fully since it’s unknown. You keep going forward in the dark with your candle because you know there is no limits. You can be flexible.

2. Stop selling yourself. Start authentically connecting. When you are real you make real relationships that can be more than just a customer – a friend, mentor, client, and everything and more. This trip taught me how much I was bothered by those who are so focused on selling and marketing. Every relationship they saw was an opportunity to sell. They judged based on title and organization. And they judged without getting to know someone. That’s such a limited way to live. I realized I was able to open up conversations and learn from my new friends because my focus was to learn and connect. Not sell. Stop BSing. Be real and build relationship with those who can appreciate the real you in the long run.

3. Ask the world what you want and what you want to give. And trust it. My original asks did not work out – I applied for 4 competition or programs and didn’t get into any which has tightened my budget severely. Instead I meet and learned from many great entrepreneurs and industry experts. That is something greater than short term $ support. Plus now that I have no strings attach I can fully experiment on my own and tweak the venture for improvements.

4. I need a strong team. While I have accomplished quite a bit on my own in the past 8 months, this approach is not sustainable. I am getting clarity in what I need and should explore but I am constantly bogged down by small details. Hence, I get overwhelmed. This is not productive nor sustainable. If you know anyone who may be interested in working with me in the long run or be good possible fit, please send them my way. My goal is to build a team in the next few months.

5. I need to pivot. I don’t know how yet. But I will be in R&D mood in the next few months. Any wisdoms are welcomed!

6. I am redefining. As scary as this journey is it has never been this exciting. I am learning more and faster to a greater degree. I am learning how to truly “live” life and “be” human. I am learning how to push against society’s norm and create my own. I am learning how to set new rules to make meaningful relationships. And I’m setting new pathways for what a business development can be for the future generation. I am redefining what it means to have a career.

7. Unplugging and reflecting have never been this precious.

How wonderful and rich is this life?

Ps. If you are waiting to hear from me please excuse my delay. I have over 2k emails to go through and summer event planning to work on. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for understanding and your support!