#Reflection: 5 months as a bootstrapping entrepreneur

5 months as a bootstrapping entrepreneur taught me how to be more mindful at all times. Especially on these 15 points. ‪#‎reflection‬. What do you think?

1. Be kind. Respect others time and thoughts, all the time.

2. Never say never. You just never know how things turn around. Welcome surprises.

3. Disagreeing with someone is ok. Disrespecting is not ok. Judging or mistreating is absolutely not ok.

4. Say no to all BS. But be forgiving as well. We are all imperfect.

5. Time is a precious gift. Use it wisely.

6. Nothing is magical. Either you invest your money or time to get something done. Just hoping doesn’t get you far. Get to work.

7. There is no one right way to do something. Just because someone did it one way doesn’t mean that’s the only way to do it.

8. Building new things from scratch is exciting. Building meaningful thing is daring and amazing.

9. It takes time to earn trust. Build them with care. Walk the Talk.

10. Everyone has an opinion. Not everyone is correct. That includes yours as well.

11. Spend more time asking and answering “How might I,” “What if,” and “Why not” questions.

12. Know your limits and strengths in and out.

13. Read and reflect a lot. There are so many wise people to learn from.

14. Be grateful.

15. Love living and being.