The Fable – Why I do what I do

I want to share a fable I heard today.

A man hired a good worker to build a strong wall at the water front. He wanted to block his older brother from ever crossing the river because he was very angry at his brother. “Do everything you can to build a strong wall,” the little brother said. The worker went to work.

Few days later, the owner was upset to see the result. He came running and yelling angrily at the worker who was finishing up the task. “I told you to build a wall not a bridge. Get rid of this immediately. I’m not paying you a dime for this!” Before anyone can say anything they saw the older brother running towards the middle of the bridge where the two were standing. “Dear younger brother, I wanted to say thank you for building this bridge. I’ve been meaning to apologize for everything that happened but did not know how to cross this river. I’m very sorry for the past. I’m grateful for this bridge.” The younger brother froze feeling perplexed but full of warmth as the older brother gave him a big strong hug. “Our past is just like this water floating behind us,” said the brothers.

“Wait, where are you going?,” asked the little brother when the worker started heading out. “I still have a lot of work for you to do. I’d also like to pay for this work,” said the little brother. The worker smiled and shook his head. “I have to go now,” he said with a wave. “I have more bridges to build.”

This last part makes me smile and reflect. What bridges are you building?

Relationships? Friendships? Cultural differences? Religion? Politics? It can be all of these and many other things. But do build bridges. We need more bridge builders in our society.

That’s the question I’d like us to reflect on. Today.

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