Art on your electronics

Hello world!

It’s been a while. Apologize for my silence. The past few months have been a busy time both personally and professionally. Rest assured, I have continued painting and the return of Spring in the city has been a positive contribution as well. In fact, I got so excited that I have found a way to sell my art piece on a phone cover. Here it is!

Spring Happiness Phone Cover
Spring Happiness Phone Cover

is a pretty cool tool. It lets artist use their illustration to create products such as phone case, greeting cards, pillow case, and even t-shirts. Unfortunately, due to the low royalty system, I only earn a small portion of this product. Still, I would love to see how this product and art can brighten up any one else.

You can order your phone cases HERE.

Update: For those who want to buy my art work print I have opened a store at Society6. Get your copy of these bright color work today! More will be updated. 


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