There is a wall

There is a wall in front of me. I can’t see it but I can feel it. Whenever I make the wrong turn in this maze, I keep bumping into it. Sometimes it hurts when I make a sharp turn or a jump. It almost feels like the world is telling me that this is not the right path. This is, what I learned later, the “way” that society has built. It’s guaranteed to have worked and people like what they have tested out to be true. (But considering how dark it is in here, I’m not sure how you can verify what is really true or not. You can’t see anything. But that’s a discussion for another day.) It’s comfortable and its well known. And the risk of adventuring out into the unknown against this wall is daunting. What if I fail? What if I get hurt? What if I get lost? What if I’m making a mistake? We know that the wall is the known unknown. And we know that there is a whole level of unknown unknown behind these walls. So why should we take the risk?

This is what our brain cells probably go through when we hesitate whether to do what society tells us to do or what we want to do.

If you happened to be in the category where your want and society’s interest match, you lucked out. But for many others who feel stuck and unhappy need to spend some serious time rethinking and reflecting what happened here. What walls are blocking you from doing what you want to do? How can you get behind the walls? Why do you want to go behind the walls? This is not going to be an easy process but it must not be mistaken as impossible. There can be no impossible mission if good intention and passion is rooted and applied properly. Young entrepreneurs around the world are also proving that age is just a number. Natural disasters, diseases like Ebola, war, and terrorism incidents like 9/11 only reconfirms that life is too short to be wasting our time feeling stuck and unhappy. So reflect and ask yourself what, how and why with clarity.

At the same time, the reality continues to reveal it’s nature that it will not permit all those curious ones to survive this unknown unknown world. Risky as it is, when you do get to step into this adventurous zone it is a wonder. Yet because reality knows that not everyone is fit for it or really interested in it, it makes sure that it fumbles over those who are unprepared. So dreamers, keep dreaming but also be strategic. Be sharp and smart about it. Don’t give up either because of this wall. All walls are not built the same and some walls permit you to enter in and out. Dream big and have a plan. Get your game plan before you play the game.

Before you know it, you will see that these walls are actually not hard brick walls but new guidance that will help you where you want to go.  Only then do we realize how much will power influences the shaping of these walls.

I decided to leave my wall aside today too.


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