Never Stop Learning

There is no one right way to learn something new. Some people learn best by reading, writing, and listening while others prefer being there, watching, or talking. The key is to not stop learning. There is always something new to learn. Some place to make an improvement.

I usually prefer classroom style studying. But ever since I left school, I had to seek new ways to satisfy my hunger for new knowledge. Here I share a list of some useful internet resources to continue learning!

Go check them out! Be inspired today!



If you like taking an online course

1. Edx – There area  number of online resources that offer free couress but I’ve found EdX to be most useful for my usage. They offer diverse course selection from Ivy League schools. It’s free and the topics are fascinating. It’s a great way to get introduced to a new topic or try out a subject that you’ve always had some interest but was not sure if you would like it or not. Coursera offers some good options too.

2. Tech Change – Tech Change offers a number of interesting topics related to development and technology. While many of their courses require a payment, there are some free courses like these – Introduction to Mobile Money, Gender in Political Transition Environments, and The Art of Advocacy. I’ve tried one of their courses and loved it. You gain access to network with top experts and a wider global TechChange community of over 3,000 participants from over 100 countries representing over 700 organizations across sectors. They also focus on offering an interactive and dynamic learning experience by offering weekly scheduled video chats and video interviews.

3. Other places where you can take Massive Open Online Courses – check out here. MIT, Yale, and UC Berkeley offers some great courses that one should try out. Here is another article to look out for more options.


I don’t have time to take a course, what are other ways I could learn?

4. Visual learners should check out TedTalks video. There is a wide variety of funny, inspirational to educational.

5. Quick thoughts? Here is a collection of good startup quotes. I also have another blog where I collect good quotes.


Do you know other ways to continue learning? Please share!


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