Letter: Dear Bad Days

Dear Bad Days,

It’s been a while since I wrote to you. I’m sure you remember how I’m not the shy one to speak up her thoughts and feelings. So let me be frank: You are mean!

Why do you always enter my happy cozy life in this manner? You didn’t seem sorry that you’ve just knocked over all the happy blocks I collected in the past few months with great effort and energy. They just crumbled under your feet helplessly as one would march through a crumble of leaves in the fall. You just sat at my new sofa with your dark clouds as if a city never saw sunlight before. You made me almost forget how to be happy. People used to come see me to seek happiness. Now you’ve made me forget how to smile, at least with sincerity.

Time will tell, you always said with a great puff of smoke.

I hated that phrase for the longest time and you know I do. I tried to get rid of you. I tried to run away from you. But it only got worse. I got terrified that I couldn’t get rid of you. I wanted to give up. But you wouldn’t let me do that either.

Then one day when I got home early, I saw you planting new seeds that resembled my lost happy blocks. It glowed sometimes. I thought that was cool. But not all the time. It was when I started to lose interest in it that you taught me how to water the plant. Happiness, you said, had to be watered and cared. I know that, I replied grudgingly. Yet, I must admit I learned something new from you.

In fact, as much as it pained me to have you stumble upon my all-to-good-looking-life, with time, yes now I admit, I’ve learned a lot. One thing remained consistent. You always taught me something good. You taught me how to be more thankful. You taught me how to see the same things in a different light. You taught me how to become a better person. You taught me important lessons in life. And you always left without a word.

I know you’ll probably be back again. I know I’m always not going to be prepared to have you here. But I’ll try to remember to hug you. Because Bad Days, I know your meanness is not out of hatred but out of a greater love. Plus, I know you like hugs.

I think summer is knocking on my door now so I shouldn’t be rude to ignore my guest. But I wanted to put these thoughts in this letter for you so that I can thank you. By writing it here, I also wanted to remember what you have taught me.

Thank you Bad Days for your lessons. I’ll make sure to water my happy plants better. I’ll see you later.



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