Is multitasking really a solution to your time management?

Something happened to time in our society. Once “multitasking” became a normal trait in our society, time seemed to evaporate.

A large part to why we feel the evaporation of time so frequently is because we are always rushing for something. There is another meeting, another errand to run, another assignment to complete, and another email to send out before we fall asleep… But why are we always feeling so busy? Do we really need to be all this busy? Is being an adult means being a more busy person?

Somehow this habit of multitasking became a necessary culture in our workforce. The beauty of “multitasking” is known as one who could handle multiple tasks at the same time effectively. In reality, all multitasking efforts are not equally effective nor time efficient as we think they are. In fact, when we find ourselves juggling too many things at the same time, many studies show that we are more likely to be less efficient because we are not able to put our 100% efforts in to the tasks we do. It makes sense. This is when our amazing brain is wired into too many directions to think properly what is a red card or an orange card. The red and orange color confuses us sometimes.

What happened to us? We have started to treat someone’s unappreciated of multitasking as his or her inability to time management. We started valuing quantity the way we should have valued quality. Doing more does not not always mean you are doing something great-all-the-time. In fact, too much multitasking without taking a moment to breath can kill one’s spirit and health. That’s poisonous. You should live your life. But you can’t live a life if all you do is rush without taking a moment to breath and digest the information around you.

Seriously, when was the last time you walked down the street and gazed at the blue sky above you and just admired it in wonder? When was the last time you stopped and thought and asked yourself – is there a different way to do this? Or try something new, because why would you not want to try something new! Yes, I agree that today’s society does not make it easy for those who want to appreciate these small moments in life. They treat these moment as lingering and resting instead of working hard. We live in a work culture also where we are informed that long hours at work, more projects, multitasking, and taking little vacations is the ideal worker. The truth is those workers are ideal not real! (They are called ideal for a reason!) To be truly busy and effective at the same time we would still need to spend equal amount of effort and time to learn how to stop and pause. Multitasking may look like a solution now. But not in the long run. It’s like attempting to run the marathon without drinking a sip of water or pacing yourself. That’s plain stupid.

So, if you felt like you were caught up in this “multitasking” busyness, its time for you to stop and put that pause button and think. Why am I this busy? Is there a better way to handle my day today?

Society may not change tomorrow, but your attitude today could help you start a better day tomorrow.

For instance, I think that sunset tonight is pretty amazing.

Now that, I think is a good way to end a day.


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