Topsy Turvy 20s, why we should cherish this

Life in the 20s is learning how to find blissful moments in the most crazy, unpredictable, and awkward topsy turvy world that never seems to end. Optimistic me thinks that the nice thing about this all is that I’ll surely have a lot of “good stories” to tell and reflect when I grow old. Now that! That is quite something to look forward to. So in the meantime, I try to remember and learn as much as I can. What better way can you collect stories than this?

Plus, wouldn’t life be so boring without any ups and downs? I mean.. It’s like having food everyday that taste the same, consumed at the same time, at the same location and not thinking twice. Yes, there is value to that kind of pattern of life, but the 20s is not that time. 20s is the time to explore the world, grow and challenge yourself professionally and personally. And when we try to wiggle our way into this mad society that puts structure and judgments over us even before we open our mouths to speak up, we are bound to have some ‘downs’ as well as ‘ups.’ Still, its thanks to those rainy cold winters that we are able to absolutely fall in love and appreciate those sunny spring and summer days.

So as my topsy turvy 20s continues I try to focus all my energy on my true life time mission – to learn from my past to become a better person, and to collect stories to write good stories. Tomorrow will only get better if we tried to learn from our past.

Now, that messy topsy turvy 20s doesn’t look so bad. Nope, not bad at all.

P.S. Let’s check back in a decade where things are. Cheers.

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