#4 – Dupont Circle

04 – Dupont Circle – April 5, 2014

I admit it. Everyone in D.C. is pretty serious and busy. Or at least they all pretend to be. They work in this important organization and plan to do this important thing that will save the world. I’ve been part of that crowd too. It’s kind of a D.C. thing to do. That’s probably why when I decided to sit in the middle of the streets of Dupont Circle on a lovely weekend to do drawing, people thought it was odd. They would be more shocked if they knew what work I did in the day time because it is not art related at all. In Europe and even in other cities in the U.S., you will often come across people leisurely enjoying their coffee or drawing. I thought it’s about time we do more of that in this city too. Work is important but there is so much more to life than just work. One person, in fact, tapped me on the shoulder and asked with sincere serious curiosity “Are you doing this professionally? Or for fun?” With the emphasis on fun. When I smiled back at him and said “Yes, I’m doing this for fun.” It felt kind of liberating.

I’m drawing this for fun.

2 hours in the street and many days of admiring these buildings in the past few years I’ve walked past here, this is what I got.

What do you think?

Maybe I should start selling some stuff next time someone ask me that question.


4 - Dupont Circle
4 – Dupont Circle
Dupont Circle
The real view of dupont circle
Dupont Circle with my image
My drawing and the buildings


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