Understanding True Happiness

At the end of the day, you should be happy. Make decisions that you know will make you truly happy. Not just temporally but for a very long time; and don’t just satisfy yourself with mediocre happiness but seek out for really exciting happiness. This difference matters. Especially when you accumulate them.

The best secret to being truly happy for a long time is to find the root to your happiness and plant them within you. You can’t change the weather, the traffic, the work nature, and the people around you. But you can change your perspective and respond to them. By letting them be the source of all your happiness you are letting yourself becoming a passive happy person.

But once you learn how to “pump out” unlimited happiness internally, nothing can stop you from being happy and loving your life. Your happiness will be the driver in your life and will influence everything else around you. That’s also good because you’ll probably be so happy that you’ll have enough happiness to share with others. And genuine happiness is the kind of virus that we all would appreciate.

It may take sometime to find your roots and plant them, but this is a worthwhile investment. This is the kind of stuff that we actually need to spend more time and pay attention to instead of just drifting off and living a life that others tell us is right.

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