This sketch is special to me in a number of ways.

01 Ducks in Potomac River
01 Ducks in Potomac River – March 22, 2014

This was the first drawing I did since middle school. This was the first sketch I did after making an impromptu trip to the art supply store to splurge myself with painting supplies. This was also the first day DC had amazing weather after awhile. Most importantly, this was the first day I recognize how I can share happiness through art.

I seated myself near Potomac River front at Georgetown to start drawing. I was excited. As I sat there studying the wild ducks, a little girl approached me. “What is this?” She smiled as she pointed at my drawing. “Is that ducks. I love them!” she beamed and took a seat next to me before I could say anything. I couldn’t help but smile.

Just like that. I ended up having a thirty minute conversation with this 7 year old charming Indian girl. Her family nearby also shared a smile and was trying to make sure their daughter wasn’t bothering me. It didn’t bother me. In fact, her presence and excitement only made my first drawing experience more delightful.

Before we went our way, I gave her the second duck illustration as a gift and signed her name. She jumped up and down exclaiming how she got a gift. “We will definitely hang this on her wall to remember this day. Thank you!,” said her parents to me. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling either. What they didn’t realized is that I was beaming too. I realized I just made someone who I didn’t even know very happy by sharing something small. I forgot how amazing the act of giving is.

This is how my art journey starts. I hope each piece will remind you that there is an abundance of warmth and love in this world.


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