Déjà vu is

Déjà vu is standing at a metro stop and remembering how I got so used to the bitterly cold and long 4 hour commute to work in Seoul for about a year;

Déjà vu is looking up at the blue sky and remembering how hard I cried as I ran full speed next to Charles River under the blue sky;

Déjà vu is walking a new block in my neighborhood and remembering how thrilled I was to discover something new in every city I stepped during my traveling alone in Europe;

Déjà vu is sharing a meal with someone and recalling how it took me so long to find time to relax and enjoy a meal;

Déjà vu is listening to a song and remembering how I took these word to heart when I was so lost and frustrated;

Déjà vu is crossing the Key Bridge and remembering how many bridges I crossed full of tears, fears, and excitement for tomorrow;

Déjà vu is leaving Reagan National Airport and remembering how much I hate saying airport goodbyes, no matter how often I’ve done this;

Déjà vu is remembering what it took me to get where I am today, and reminding myself what I still need to do to head where I want to go;

Déjà vu is remembering today what I did yesterday to become someone better tomorrow.

Déjà vu is a melancholy looking blessing in disguise.


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