Puzzle Pieces

Writing stories is like putting puzzle pieces together. You have dozens of stories scattered around you, and you have no idea what the final image, the final story, will be until you finish that last piece. The pieces come in all different shapes and sizes. Some pieces look similar but they are never exactly the same. That’s probably why they only fit perfectly in one way and not in dozen different ways. When I try to force the stories into the wrong order it doesn’t work. It’s as if I’m forcing a wrong piece of puzzle at a wrong location. But you don’t know if its wrong or right until you keep trying. Keep looking for it, and keep writing about it. This requires one to have both the keen eye to see small details but also to see the big picture, the vision. When that puzzle is completed, we beam. That moment is such a dazzling accomplishment that one will have to dance around the house at least three times to satisfy this excitement.

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