How to be a happy person this year

  1. Find what you love. Remember it, and make sure you spend enough time and energy doing what you loveSomething that valuable is usually hard to find. It’s like searching for a needle in the desert.
  2. Be honest and seek honesty at all timesYou will save yourself a lot of extra time and emotional trouble. Just a whole lot. Save yourself from that mess. 
  3. Be thankful. Thank someone. There is always something to be thankful of. Every moment is a precious moment that another would die to have.
  4. Smile and laugh at the most unexpected moment and truly owe that moment. Cause that’s where magic starts. 
  5. Do something new and different that you have never thought of doing before. Be unpredictable, and radical. Explore what the world offers. Life is too short. 
  6. Do something that you have always wanted to do before. It’s time to start doing the things you said you will do one day. You wanted to do it, so go try it. It’s about time.  
  7. Write to, meet up, and follow up with new and old friends and family to shout out a hello to the world. You are human. You are supposed to live with other human beings in a place called society and world. 
  8. Travel the world, or an attempt to. You will learn something new about a country, a culture, someone, and, most importantly, yourself. 
  9. Love yourself and your life. Because you have a pretty amazing life. And you will continue to.
  10. It’s ok to live in uncertainty. Just enjoy the ride. But remember those struggling dances because your past is what shapes who you are today.
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