The Walk, the Routine, the Meditation

When you walk the same path everyday at a particular hour you start to notice things: both big and small. I chuckle to myself at the discoveries I make every day. You start to see the weather change, the street change, the path change, the people change, the bus route change, the traffic change, the color of the building next door change, but most importantly you see yourself change, clearly.

Because I am walking the same path everyday at a particular hour, I start to notice small and big details of myself: my feelings, my temperature, my thoughts, my emotions, my body and my soul. I become more altered and aware of it because it is different -because it feels different and I see differently from yesterday what was around me. I can’t help myself but smile at the thought -the thought that really at the end of the day it is not what surrounds you that puts you into perspective but what you feel and think inside. I see signs of disappointment and loneliness when I feel distress and sad, but I see life full of excitement and joy on that same path when I feel happy. I see everything when I walk with an empty mind, but I become blind and strictly altered of the obstacles around me when I am deep in thought.

I open my eyes as I reach the ending of today’s routine walk – I see the morning sun, I breath in the morning chilly air, and I step back into the elevator to go back home. The elevator door closed as I closed my eyes reflecting within myself. I don’t want to forget these thoughts, these feelings and moments, but once this door opens again I will be rushing into my daily routine again. The feeling of I don’t burst as the elevator door burst opens to my room floor. And I open my eyes to wake up again in a more deeply thought girl than the one who left an hour ago from this same floor.

Incheon, South Korea
Sunday morning
October 3, 2010

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